Misión, Visión y Valores English Version


Crear oportunidades que hagan realidad los sueños e ilusiones de nuestros apostadores a través de los juegos de suerte y azar, generando confianza y transparencia, promoviendo el potencial humano y el uso de tecnologías para transferir más recursos a la salud.


La Lotería de Medellín será la empresa de juegos de suerte y azar más confiable, más amada, más vendida y la que genere más aportes para la salud.


  • Transparencia.
  • Compromiso.
  • Honestidad.
  • Diligencia.
  • Justicia.
  • Respeto.



We are dedicated to exploitation, operation, marketing, management and control of Games of Luck and Chance. We develop a dynamic company, model of quality, efficiency and profitability, ensuring effective transfer of resources to the health and satisfaction to society.


We will lead with transparency the Industry of Games of Luck and Chance to transform the life of many Colombians in favor of health and society. 


Transparency: it constitutes the essential value for the Beneficencia, inviting us to handlecorrectly, properly and clean all our activities and show all our actions with a public clarity and open to the community.

Integrity: in Benedan, culture of trust and confidence is encouraged, so the employee fully comply with the policies, procedures, practices and the established order in a way that builds trust for interaction and service delivery through the rectitude, integrity and honesty.

Responsibility: in our company, we have a high commitment to the acts and omissions as individuals and as an organization, so that contributes to a good working environment and the achievement of corporate goals.

Respect: is the essence of human relationships, of community life, teamwork and any interpersonal relationship. It is an absolute guarantee of transparency. In Benedan we stand for valuing others, obey the authority and to consider human dignity.

Information transparency and disclosure of the results: for the Beneficencia, it constitutes a fundamental value because it allows us to communicate the results of our business to the community and regulatory and control companies. We handle communication strategies and permanent disclosure for to make visible the operation and implementation of macro draws, results and information requested by the public.